Your Dog's Health

Indicators of a healthy dog

  • Demeanour: alert, vital, and quickly responsive to sounds and calls.


  • Movement: good stamina in youth (deteriorating with age); no lameness.


  • Appetite: enthusiastic for food; eating fast; no vomiting.


  • Coat: clean, glossy, and free from parasites and dirt.


  • Ears: alert to slightest sound; no discharge or irritation.


  • Eyes: clear with no discharge or inflammation.


  • Nose: cold and damp when outdoors, dry and warm when indoors; no persistent discharge.


If your dog appears unwell for any reason, consult your veterinarian.


What does a good diet consist of?
It is important to provide your dog with a healthy and balanced diet consisting of: protein to build the body; fats for skin and coat health; carbohydrates for energy; and minerals and vitamins for good bone development and healthy tissues. Roughage is also essential for bowel function.


What is the easiest way to provide a complete diet for my dog?
The simplest and most economical diet consists of a mixture of meat (raw, cooked or canned) and dry food. Premium dry foods such as Orijen, Acana, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Burns and Arden Grange (all available in store) are balanced and also good for your dog’s teeth. In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, a mixture of both soft and hard food should be provided.


What is wrong with just feeding my dog meat? 
Meat on its own is not a complete diet and needs to be heavily supplemented with vitamins, minerals and other food materials. In rapidly growing dogs, a diet consisting solely of meat can lead to a major mineral imbalance and skeletal damage.


Does canned food make up a complete diet?
Canned foods vary widely in quality. A general rule of thumb is 'you get what you pay for'. A good quality canned food will combine the goodness of meat, vegetables, cereal, and the correct levels of vitamins and minerals. This will provide a diet which is complete, balanced and healthy.


Does all dry food constitute as a complete diet?
When purchasing dry dog foods, you should note that they are not all equivalent to a complete diet. If a type of dry food does provide a whole diet, it will be clearly stated on the packaging. Complete diet dry food is an excellent and easy way of feeding your dog.



Your dogs should be vaccinated annually. Talk to your vet about their boosters including kennel cough.


Puppy Roundworms can infect humans. To prevent this infection, puppies should be wormed regularly throughout their first year of life, and owners should be thorough with their own personal hygiene after having interacted with the dog. Tapeworms and other parasites can also infect dogs, and your dogs should be worned every three months.

Fleas are a common external parasite associated with dogs. They cause severe itching and inflammation of the skin, leading to dermatitis. They are the intermediate host for the Tapeworm most common in dogs. If fleas are a problem, it is necessary to treat all animals in the household (both cats and dogs) to clean the environment. You may also want to flea spray or ‘flea bomb’ the house to remove any eggs and to stop the cycle. Preventative programs are best achieved using “spot on” products that have a prolonged residual effect, usually 30 days. Come in store for further help and advice in dealing with fleas

Most poisoning of dogs is accidental. Garden poisons, such as snail baits, are the main cause. If your dog is known to eat just about anything, then be particularly careful to store poisons where they will not be accessible to him. Dogs found foaming at the mouth, with muscle tremors or staggering gait, or unable to stand, should receive immediate veterinary treatment.

General illness
If your dog is exhibiting a continued failure to eat and drink, this may be a sign of other health issues or depression. You should seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.

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