How To Deal With A Flea Infestation

Step 1: Treat your pets

Treat all cats dogs and, if necessary, small animals with an appropriate Spot On Treatment. You can also treat cats and dogs with flea tablets for more immediate treatment of fleas (the spot on treatments can take 3-4 days to work effectively). Even if you treat with flea tablets, it’s worth using a spot on treatment too, to stop re-infestation for 3-4 weeks


Step 2: Wash all bedding
Once the bedding is dry spray with a flea spray. Use a flea spray that will disrupt the development of fleas in the larval stages for 6months or longer. This will help to stop re-infestation.

Small items that cannot be washed or sprayed, such as children’s toys, can be bagged and placed in a freezer for 5 days to kill flea eggs and larvae.


Step 3: Vacuum the whole house
Flea larvae crawl away from light and hide in shaded areas underneath furniture, so vacuum the whole house thoroughly, including any crevices, down the skirting boards and especially where pets go. Vacuum all upholstery, especially where pets tend to lie.


Step 4: Treat your home.
Spray your entire house, one room at a time with a good flea spray with a guard action that lasts for at least 6 months. Close all the doors and windows, make sure the pets are not in the room and fish tanks are covered, air tight and pumps turned off. 
Whenever spraying soft or delicate fabrics, it is recommended you do a patch test.


Use in all areas where pets have been, Make sure to spray along skirting boards, in any cracks and crevices, all soft furnishings, carpets and even in the car. We suggest wearing a decorator’s mask whilst spraying to avoid breathing the fumes. When the entire room has been sprayed, exit closing the door behind you and leave for about an hour, then give the room a good airing. We suggest you do living areas last thing at night and bedrooms first thing in the morning.


Step 5: Vacuum again.
After the spray is left to dry for an hour or so, air and vacuum each room to pick up any larvae and fleas missed the first time. Remember to uncover fish tanks and turn pumps back on.

When emptying the vacuum cleaner, do so outside, then spray the inside of the vacuum dust bag or cylinder to stop eggs or larvae picked up by the vacuum cleaner developing.


Step 6: Preventing re-infestation.
Continue to treat all cats and dogs in the household with a spot on monthly. It is also worth treating your home once a year.


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