Case Study - Merlin

Meet Merlin. He’s a cocker spaniel who’s been driving his owner up the wall. He pulls so much that it was becoming difficult to walk him.

This was made even worse because of his owner’s bad back. So when she came to us looking for a solution, she was delighted we were able to provide a solution that did not include a halter on Merlin’s nose.

She now walks Merlin in to the shop regularly for his food and he’s always happy to receive a treat or two from us too!

If you have a dog who pulls, putting a normal harness on him can be like attaching a husky to a sled.

It means he can put all his weight in to his shoulders to pull even harder. A halter on his nose will help, but most dogs hate having anything on their noses and they can fight against it.

Come in to see if we can help with your dogs who think they are huskies!


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