Case Study - Twirly

This is Twirly. Her owner, Sarah, came to see us because Twirly had dry skin, especially around her ears. She also suffered from noxious flatulence.

In our years of experience we have found the Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs are prone to dry skin and noxious flatulamce. We talked to Sarah about Twirly’s food and recommended a food for Twirly that may help.

We gave Sarah a sample of the new food to try to see if Twirly liked it and more importantly the food didn’t upset Twirly's stomach. Sarah came back for more of the food and a couple of weeks later Twirly’s dry skin had cleared up and her digestive issues were much better. As you can see from the photo, we also do a nice range of dog accessories!

Why not come and talk to us to see if we can help with your pet’s skin or digestive issues too!

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